Teknoserv UK was incorporated in London in 1978 as the primary sales and marketing office for Calico Mills, one of the original Indian cotton textile mills based in Ahmedabad, owned by the Sarabhai Family.


Calico Mills started in 1880 and soon began manufacturing a diverse range of quality cotton goods, and continued to do so for more than ten decades, establishing itself at the forefront of many of today’s environmental management practices, including those of clean air, water and waste management.


Teknoserv has expanded into a joint collaboration with an Oeko Tex certified, modern and vertically integrated factory in South India, manufacturing a strongly competitive range of hospitality and healthcare products with a history of servicing and supplying some of the biggest global laundries and linen rental companies.


Together we have developed core and bespoke items in cotton, poly cotton and polyester, alongside the growing needs of the healthcare business for disposable and non-woven sustainable items.